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Our mission

Embodied Counseling & Yoga Studio

At notice, we're all about holistic well being. Our one-stop space integrates physical and mental health, featuring yoga and embodied counseling. Our mission is simple: create an inclusive space for growth to happen on various levels. We're committed to fostering a community that welcomes everyone. Join us at notice and cultivate a grounded and empowered you, each and every day.

Breathing into the heart space as a way to connect the physical body with the emotional body.

Embodied counseling

Explore healing from within with body based practices in embodied counseling.

Tree pose in a heated vinyasa class.


Experience transformation with our diverse, heated and unheated classes.

"I love this place and the people! Great instructors that challenge you just enough, relaxing space, and friendly community. A great place to grow in your daily yoga practice, try some qigong, and meet new people.”



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